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Best Online Casino: The GOLDEN guide to playing and WINNING!


Choosing the best gambling establishment among the multitude of online casinos today is almost a feat. In this age of immediacy and information overload, it is difficult for a player to find his way through the vast maze that is the world of online casinos.

In this comparison guide you will find everything you need to know about online casinos. Our analysts have combed through all of the current hot casino sites in terms of :

  • the range of casino games, from slot machines to table games. You will know everything there is to know about the best online games and their specificities.
  • the bonuses and promotional offers offered. This will give you the opportunity to choose the online casino that offers the welcome bonus that best suits your profit as a player. 
  • The variety of publishers present on the online casino sites will also be an important element in the validation of the establishment by our editorial staff.

We tell you more about the best online casinos in the different sections of this article and we also tell you how to choose them. However, if you don’t want to check them by yourself, you can probably check reviews and select from those trusted online casinos at Veritop.

A team of experts at your service

The writing of this complete and objective guide is the work of a team of experts with different profiles. 

  • They have worked a considerable amount of time to be able to offer you a user-friendly, accurate and concise comparison so that you can make the best choice of online casino gambling. 
  • These industry experts and casino game enthusiasts have spared no expense in reviewing the essential elements that make today’s casino a reliable and user-friendly establishment! 
  • If the technical aspects are taken into account, your well-being as a player is not put aside. Indeed, a sublime gaming experience must include both aspects in an imperative way!

Are you tired of choosing a casino? Are you lost on the internet between fraudulent sites and fake ones? Trust the informed and relevant opinion of our editorial staff!

Playing casino games becomes easy and serene thanks to the analysis of our experts! No need to struggle with testing and comparing operators yourself, you have everything you need to know about the best online casinos in one guide.

Essential criteria for choosing the best online casino

In the past, it was enough to go to the nearest land-based casino without question to play casino games. 

  • Nowadays, the virtual offer is so large and extensive that it often takes players a long time to select the online casino of their choice. 
  • Of course, there are some essential criteria to check before signing up with an online casino and this can help the user to make a decision. 
  • However, this is still a daunting task for most players. 

In this guide we share with you a complete and above all detailed review of online casinos, but also discuss the essential characteristics for an online casino to be considered one of the best.

The quality of the interface is essential to play online casino in a pleasant way 

The quality of the interface is too often underestimated in the casino gaming experience. 

  • However, this element is essential to the success of the latter. 
  • A light, clear, consistent and intuitive interface allows players to navigate from one tab to another and from one online game to another without any difficulty.
  • The usability of the online casino interface is just as important as its design. 
  • If the latter appeals to the online player with its sobriety and modernity, when properly thought out, ergonomics can be prohibitive in the evolution of a player within one of the best casino sites. 
  • If the search tabs are poorly adapted and the sorting options are irrelevant, players will only spend a short time on this site. 

In today’s fast-paced society where everyone wants everything right away, it is important that searches on the online gaming platform are quick and efficient or players will be lost.

The mobile version is now a must in the best virtual casinos

The best virtual casino makes its interface available to its players on small screens such as mobile or tablet. You can play online casino games from anywhere with a mobile-friendly, responsive version of your favorite establishment. 

Generally, the player has the choice between a :

  • through the browser without downloading 
  • by a mobile application to be downloaded in advance, but totally free.

You will find everything that makes the success of the casino you have chosen: 

  • the new games are present in this mobile version,
  • and the same options are available to you.

Playing online casino on a small screen is therefore simple and easy to set up since it can even be done without downloading.

Payment solutions and deposit and withdrawal methods at an online casino

The payment solutions offered by an online casino are of great importance to the gaming experience of the players. Unique Casino understands this and you will see this as soon as you step on the platform. 

  • Imagine the frustration when your pace of play is completely slowed down due to a lack of variety in the payout options offered. 
  • You can’t continue playing at the online casino because you can’t deposit or even worse, you can’t withdraw your winnings by the payment method you prefer. 

The best online casino must be vigilant about these aspects which could, if not effective, drive players away to other online casinos. 

The best casinos in our selection offer at least 4 different payment methods:

  • traditional bank debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard,
  • the very popular e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill or Paypal 
  • prepaid tickets such as Paysafecard or Cashlib
  • the traditional bank transfer. 

Deposits and withdrawals must also be made easier. If deposits are not often a problem, withdrawals on the other hand can be a source of problems! 

How many times have you heard some  online casino players complain about not being able to withdraw their winnings?

  • due to a lack of payment solution,
  • due to unclear withdrawal conditions for bonus games,
  • because an identity check takes longer than expected,
  • or because the withdrawal is simply blocked by the online casino.

A casino that is unable to offer smooth and transparent withdrawal conditions has no place at all at the top of the list of the best online gambling establishments. 

  • The withdrawal time is important for the player, who is eager to receive his or her winnings, but it also impacts player retention. 
  • The maximum withdrawal amount, whether weekly or monthly, can also be detrimental to the e-reputation of an online casino. 

Playing at a casino is good! Having the assurance that casinos offer you the opportunity to withdraw your winnings and real money under favorable conditions both technically and ethically is essential! 

Why play in virtual casinos that do not respect the player and keep his money? If you follow the advice of our team, you will not be disappointed.

Online Casino Security

The legality, security and reliability of an online casino are three of the most important elements if you have to choose between several online casinos. 

The best casino sites we offer, are all validated by our experts in terms of security, of course, and reliability. 

All the casino games offered by the best online establishment are equipped with :

  • a random number generator which obviously ensures the fairness of the winnings
  • a data encryption system to ensure a totally secure game platform.

If you can’t find the information about the security of a casino directly, check that the url starts with “HTTPS”!

The fair play policy of the online casino is also taken into account by our specialists. This information allows us to validate the concern of the virtual gaming casino towards these players.

Regulation and exemptions for online casinos

Casinos are subject to different regulations depending on their location. 

To ensure that they are well regulated and reliable, you may as well rely on our listing of the best virtual gaming establishments of the moment. You will be able to clearly identify the casino that is licensed and has a valid exemption. 

In order to offer online casino games, an establishment must be able to prove that it is in possession of a gaming license obtained by a recognized organization. Any self-respecting online casino has a license. 

Casino licenses are of several types and are issued by recognized government authorities. 

They ensure the protection of players by making sure that online establishments comply with several rules.

  • The Curaçao Internet Gaming Association has been offering a license to operators for a long time now, and the taxation is very advantageous.
  • The license granted by Malta is standard, even if a certain sloppiness in the monitoring of players is sometimes to be noted. 
  • Gibraltar issues licenses in a very strict manner to stable and well established casinos and is a true guarantee of quality to players and operators. 
  • The license granted by the UK is one of the most notable. It provides players with unparalleled protection.

Online casino reputation and customer service

The customer support confirms or not the seriousness of an online casino. 

  • It goes without saying that if the customer service is good, responsive to players’ problems and competent, the reputation of the online casino will obviously be enhanced.
  • A problem, whether it is related to casino games, payment methods, or possible difficulties in withdrawing winnings, must be resolved quickly. 
  • Optimal support is provided by an experienced and professional advisor in the best virtual casino. 

The reputation of the online casino is also a key indicator:

  • of the health of a virtual gaming establishment,
  • the relationship with its loyal players or first-time users. 

However, relying on forum reviews can sometimes be misleading. The feelings of forum subscribers are of course to be taken into account, but it is important that they are complemented with objective data to ensure that you play in optimal conditions in the best online casino! 

The importance of the casino games catalog

The quality of the game library is an important element that can keep the online casino player loyal! The online gaming experience is undoubtedly conditioned by the online casino games offered. 

After all, users are there first and foremost to play at the casino! It is therefore easy to understand why this aspect is so important when choosing an online casino. 

  • The diversity of the game library allows players to find the best games according to their desires and expectations, but also to avoid boredom.
  • The regular renewal of casino games is important if the online casino does not want to tire its player. 
  • In order to satisfy as many players as possible, a serious online casino seeks to expand its range, without getting lost in low-end games, as it goes along and adapts it to its audience. 
  • A reputable online casino will inevitably offer in its casino games, one-armed bandit games, table games and sometimes even sports betting.

Don’t worry, with our guide to the best virtual casinos, you’re sure to find the gambling games that you like and that give you the thrill.

The payout rate is an important point to consider when selecting the right online casino for you based on your player profile.

  • It is generally accepted that it is more attractive to play at a casino with a high payout rate of around 95%. 
  • Some casino games offer you this profitable rate and especially show you the return rate per game or per slot machine. 

Depending on your player profile and strategy, you will select the return rate that suits you in order to have fun for a long time while minimizing the risks or to play intensely while getting your adrenaline going!

Live games

Thrill-seeking land-based casino enthusiasts are thrilled to join a quality online casino with an unbeatable live casino offering. 

  • Casinos with dealers are very popular, even if the pace is fast for beginners. 
  • You can actually play your game as if you were actually in front of these people. 
  • Intensity and strategy are the order of the day, and you’ll need to be cool and experienced to perform in the live casino of the best online establishments of the moment. 

Whether you prefer poker and its variants, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, there are table games for everyone.

Play for free

You can regularly find free games at the best online casinos, whether it’s slot machines, table games or video poker. All you have to do is activate the demo or fun mode and you can play without paying a single euro from your balance:

  • Take the temperature of the game, the casino and its environment,
  • understand the operation of the machine or the rules of the game,
  • refine your understanding of the online game,
  • implement a strategy.

In order to play for real money, it is always interesting to know the online gaming world in which we operate. This is an interesting practice to get used to the specifics of virtual games and the online establishment as a new player. 

The diversity of casino game software

Casino game providers are becoming more and more numerous. 

  • They bring a new breath to the games and interesting originalities. 
  • Diversifying your publisher’s offer intelligently is an effective strategy to keep many players happy. 
  • It is essential that the quality of the games is respected. 
  • There is no point in offering casino games that look cheap and unfinished. This would greatly damage the credibility of the casinos involved. 

Many game providers are on the market to offer you a unique gaming experience:

  • Novomatic,
  • Microgaming,
  • Netent,
  • Play’n Go,
  • Iggdrasil,
  • Red Tiger,
  • Betsoft,
  • 1X2 Gaming,
  • Booongo Gaming,
  • Endorphina,
  • Elk Studio…

These suppliers are usually specialized in a certain type of game.

  • Naturally, players will turn to one or the other of the best publishers depending on their specificities. 
  • Some people prefer entertainment with specific themes or 3D games and will prefer the software that matches the gaming adventure they want. 

The online casinos validated by our specialists offer a skillfully diversified game library that satisfies the greatest number of players. Don’t resist anymore and try to join them!

To play free games, if you already have a player account at the best virtual casino, you can also access no deposit games. 

Generally, the range of free games is quite large and covers a whole range of entertainment:

  • the roulette wheel, 
  • slot machines,
  • video poker games,
  • blackjack,
  • instant games and scratch cards,
  • bingo.

Enjoy the games in demo mode, play without spending money and prepare your strategy to win! Our list of the best establishments and the reviews of their game library are here to help you choose!

Not to mention the impact of the bonuses offered

It is important to be careful when you are enticed by a tempting welcome bonus or other promotional offer. 

The first way an online casino can attract players is by offering great bonuses and free spins galore!

  • However, not all of them are clear about the bonus play conditions and possible restrictions applied. 
  • Please take the time to review the bonus terms and conditions or simply trust our ranking of the most reputable online casino of the moment. 
  • It is not uncommon to see a casino mentioning a 50 times discount before you can withdraw any winnings! 

The online casino in this guide is sure to have clear offers and bonuses where winning is really possible and not just a pipe dream!

The bonuses offered by the most reputable online gambling establishments are : 

  • the welcome bonus is 
    • an interesting offer received during registration, 
    • often applicable on slot machines,
    • is often expressed as a percentage of the initial deposit,
  • no deposit bonus:
    • delights both novice and experienced users
    • always fall at the right time,
    • allow you to fine-tune your strategy at the table games or to play the timeless slot machines for longer,
    • reassure you and invite you to continue your adventure at this casino
  • Free bonuses and recurring promotional offers from the best casinos are valid for any player, on any type of game:
    •  slot machines, 
    • video poker, 
    • table games. 
  • free spins can 
    • be obtained on special occasions,
    • to reward your loyalty,
    • allow you to extend your playing time on your favorite machine.

Enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience at the best online casino

The best online casino guide is now available to you! 

  • With it, you will inevitably make the right choice to evolve in the online casino that suits you. 
  • Without leaving your comfort, you now have access to quality services that provide you with the entertainment you expect and the earnings that go with it.

That is, if you follow the advice of our professional team and use strategy and a little luck!

This comparison guide allows players of all backgrounds to play with peace of mind at online casinos validated by our experts. 

Playing online at the best casinos remains a total pleasure and an unforgettable experience thanks to the advice of our experts and the choice of casinos made for you!

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