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Small Box Challenge, New Game Pieces, Designer Diary

Small Box Challenge


We’re excited to announce our next board game design contest! It’s called the Small Box Challenge and your goal is to use The Game Crafter’s Small Stout Box and a limited selection of components to create big fun in a small package. You are welcome to use any theme, mechanism, or player count, but you are limited by the type of components you may include, and by the amount of space in the box.

This contest is sponsored by Small Furry Games (and friends!). The judges will be looking for games that are easy to learn and play, are sized just right, and have high replay value. Judging will be by a committee of game designers and developers including:

  • Eric Alvarado (Talon Strikes Games)
  • Ben Downton (Prometheus Game Labs)
  • Chad Elkins (25th Century Games)
  • Carla Kopp (Weird Giraffe Games & Galactic Raptor Games)
  • Luke T. Kyle (Cattledog Operations)
  • Alexei Menardo (Digital Board Game Labs)
  • Joe Slack (The Board Game Design Course)
  • Cody Thompson (Jellyfish Game Studios)
  • Emily Willix (Small Furry Games).

Learn more at Small Box Challenge

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