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How to Boost Your Bingo Knowledge With These Facts


First things first, do not confuse Bingo as a game of oldies. It is fun, and it takes some skills to play it to win it. If you are trying to learn Bingo, this blog is perfect for you. Today, we would be sharing some amazing facts on Bingo and how to play it. We would also be sharing some tried and tested tricks to win the game like a pro. Also, if you are gaining all this knowledge to build your very own bingo game, get more info about bingo game development services here. 

Bingo is a very common pastime game, and today there are many good online applications where you can earn real money by playing Bingo online. It is something, isn’t it? So, let’s get started. 

History of Bingo

Bingo is being played since the 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest games. It was an Italian game, which later started being played in other countries such as France and Germany. The popularity of the game was so that the German educational system implemented Bingo to help teach children the names of animals, spellings, and even multiplication tables. The teaching methodology is still popular in many parts of the world. 

How to play Bingo? 

  • Online Bingo Games 

There are many reliable online applications to play Bingo online. These applications have no to very little change in the game’s original rules. You can even win real money by playing Bingo online. But not all the applications offer you that facilities. Most of the applications would give you the game points/coins. 

These applications allow you to log in with your social media accounts and play with your friends. It makes gameplay more fun. You can interact in real-time with your friends; it is possible with an in-built messaging option such as emojis, pre-built comments, and more. You also get to share your win over other applications, such as posting a Facebook story or sending it to a friend over Whats-app, etc. 

  • Offline Bingo Game 


  • Three or more people 
  • Paper 
  • Pen


Start by creating bingo cards or buying a bingo game set online or from a local store. If you are building your very own bingo cards, here is how you do it: 

  • Write letters B, I, N, G, O on the five vertical columns with one letter written above each column.
  • The center space is marked “Free.” 
  • Each row must be randomly assigned five numbers as per the following rules: 
  1. Column B should have numbers between 1 to 15 
  2. Column I should have a number between 16 to 30 
  3. Column N should have numbers between 31 to 45
  4. Column G should have numbers between 46 to 60 
  5. Column O should have numbers between 61 to 75


  • Now that you have your board ready, you need a non-participating person to call out random numbers between 1 to 75. If you are hosting a party, you can choose to have a bucket of a numbered ball from which the caller would draw the numbers and announce it. it makes it more random and fun. But it not; it is okay.


  • The announcer would call the numbers B3, G57, N33 just to make it more clear for the people playing it. The players would have to mark off the numbers that are announced and are there in their cards. 

How do you win it?

The first player to make a Bingo of five in a row (Horizontal Vertical or diagonal) wins. 

Some important facts about Bingo that you must know

The game may be played around the world by people from different walks of the world, but Bingo is very popular among individuals at a younger age. The average age of a bingo player is under the age of 35. This surely debunks the theory that Bingo is played by people of old age. The rise of online gaming has also made Bingo more popular than ever, so there are millions of younger players. 

You might be surprised, but the rules of the game are a bit different in every part of the world—especially the American and European versions of the game. The variation is found in the order of the numbers and the size of the cards. So, you better check out that in detail if you are developing an online bingo application for a target audience of a particular geographical area.

Talking of variations, the Australians also have their very own way of playing Bingo. Instead of shouting Bingo, they would shout Housie at the top of their lung when the number on their cards bag them a win.

Now this one is pretty amazing, did you know of all the players of Bingo, the most common name of the winner is Margaret? Told ya! So, if you have this name, you are more likely to win the game.

In the UK, people spend more money on buying Bingo tickets than on the tickets of a Football event. Football being one of the most famous sports in the world, it is amazing to know that in some part of the world, the popularity of the game is shadowed by a number game. One reason for this is, Bingo is played by people from all walks of life.

Bingo is played around the world almost daily. Some of the parts of the world have made it a routine, like church events in some parts of the world, where the community is brought closer with these games. Statistically, 48% of people around the world indulge in a game of Bingo at least two times every day as a routine.

Bingo was not always called Bingo. It had other names when it started picking up the market. Americans called it Beano for several years, and this is because the players used Beans to cover the number of their cards. A large number of people still call it Beano comically.

Bingo was not coined until the toy-maker, Edwin S. Lowe from New York, introduced the game and patterned the tile and the box up the game going on to sell it all across America. 


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