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How to spot a legitimate online casino


Playing at online casinos has become increasingly popular only in the last couple of years. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, it is now possible to play even when you are “on the go”. However, the internet can be a dangerous place sometimes, and just like there are dozens of licensed online casinos, there are also some illegitimate ones.

These illegitimate online casinos are set up to deceive people of their money. They want nothing but to harm others and thereby they should, to the highest possible degree, be avoided. But how do you differ from scammer sites and legitimate online casinos?

Online casinos are here to stay and finding the right one is not as difficult as it may sound. This Indian casino guide might do the trick. Below we will discuss some key takeaways to look for when browsing through the internet for legitimate online casinos.


Make sure the casino is licensed

First and foremost, you should ensure that the casino is regulated by a license. In India, the current legislation does not provide for offshore online casinos. Therefore, there is no regulating body for casinos accepting players from India. Most casinos are, however, regulated by a license from another country, such as Malta, and therefore it is still possible for Indian casino players to find a legitimate casino.

The most important thing is to find out where the casino is licensed, what payment methods are offered, and double-check that they do accept Indian players. Before you sign up anywhere it is important to go through the license and make sure it is legit. Otherwise, you will struggle to enjoy all the rewards you receive via online casinos.

An accessible and professional support

Another aspect that distinguishes a legit online casino from an illegitimate one is the support available. Professional customer support is a vital element of a professional company. If there is no customer service, or they do not answer calls or emails, the casino is most likely a scam. Instead, look for an online casino that has multiple communication channels available around the clock. Live chat is preferable, but both mail and support via phone are great as well.

An online casino whose customer service looks sketchy should be avoided. Better safe than sorry! If you are unsure, try giving them a call and/or an email. If they take hours to answer or answer in a language that is difficult to understand, you are most likely in a casino that is trying to cheat you.

An easy-to-use and tidy user interface

To be able to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest, the casino should offer an easy-to-use interface that is consistent across all devices. Not only does a tidy interface that is easy to navigate supply the casino player with a better gaming experience; it is also a characteristic defining legitimate casino.

Whether you play at home on your laptop or when you sit on a train with your smartphone, you want appealing graphics and effortless menus that allow you a great gaming experience without interruptions. If the interface is messy and generally bad-looking it might be a scammer site, so watch out for this as well.

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